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Opening a corporate bank account in UAE involves detailed paperwork and precise documentation. Our experts assist you with the best service and offer an exhaustive package to ensure that you get your corporate bank account with peace of mind



Use our expert service to open your Corporate bank account in UAE with minimum documentation and at the ease of your home. All additional documentation and profiling done by our expert team.

What you get with this PLAN

Corporate Bank Account

A Corporate Bank account empowers your business to make and accept official payments for your business, as well as repatriation of your profits and other incomes, as may be earned

Company website

We design a professionally developed website exclusive to your business, completely customizable as per your business nature and product line, to enhance your corporate image

Company Profile

An ad-hoc company profile is created by experts for banking documentation as well for future business promotions. All the details are as per your business model and product category

A Must for every business

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Why to open a Corporate Bank Account in UAE

Make use of your international presence and make international transactions

Over 85% companies express their interest to open a corporate bank account in the UAE but unlike many countries UAE boasts of a robust banking system and corporate bank accounts are only available after extensive corporate profiling and screening.

We have had many clients who been scrolling up an down with their respective banks, for months but end up being not able to attain the desired account. We understand this process and every detail of it. Thanks to our years of experience , we can assure you of the positive results that you have looking for.

The reason why every corporate client yearns for a corporate account in the UAE is not one, but many. Firstly, its a major concern for indulging in any local transaction, as a local account bolster your company’s image and profile. Second, it empowers you to make and accept international payments both online and offline without any concern of the third party. Third, repatriation of your profits and other incomes can easily be transferred back to your home country. Lastly, it enables you to raise funds for your future projects and business expansion both in and out the UAE.

Once you get your local bank account running, the scope and ease of your business tranactions witnesses and exponential growth thus administering the equivalent to your business prospects.

Do get in touch with our team to initiate your corporate bank account opening process today and send us your queries and our execuitves will assist you in resolving them out.

Make & accept international Payments

A Corporate Bank Account in UAE will work as an indispensable asset due to the robust banking system of UAE

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