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Opening an overseas office is just the beginning, we aim to support you at every stage

We have designed our services to support you at every stage of your business set up and even beyond that.

We do provide comprehensive assistance for services like VAT registration, Payment Gateway registration, Documentation assistance in getting employee and dependent Residence Visas and Emirates ID, Corporate Stamp and Stationary Designing, Assistance in renting or Purchasing Commercial or Residential Properties and Even assisting you in obtaining UAE Driving License.

We aim to establish a Continuous Support Channel to aid growth to your Business Prospects.

Additional set of services to enable and assimilate better functioning of your new Venture

We continue to be listed as the only platform available both online and offline, providing an array of services for both pre and post set up requirements of your off shore business.

We intend to benefit you from our years of expertise in handling and maintaining business ventures and start ups, to create your Success story.

Just name the service and we are there to assist you with it.

VAT Registration

 Both On Shore and Off Shore companies may need VAT registration, subject to certain conditions. We assist in documentation and submission for VAT registration, as well as advisory services from experts to whether your business entity needs vat registration or not.

For Free Zone companies, VAT registration is not required until any inland transactions are carried out.


Employee & Family Residence Visa

Depending on the license opted by the client, employee and dependent residence visas can be availed. Our team assists you in applying for the best possible options for the Residence visa.

In addition, complete guidance is  made available to the client regarding the whole procedure and the various formalities. These need to be completed at various government departments, thus making your visa process, a hinder-free experience.


Real Estate Services

Real Estate sector is quite lucrative in the UAE and many clients opt for it as a great investment option. Our team also make available the best available options for residential as well as commercial needs on both rentals as well as purchase.

We always maintain a database of relevant properties that may be of interest to our clients. The real estate database is constantly updated and our experts advise ensures that you get the best bargains and the best deals.


Emirates ID Documentation

Emirates ID is one identity card that is available for UAE citizens and residents and ascertain it’s holder to avail a host of government services. A very important document which eases a lot of documentations whether applying for certain government services and benefits, buying or leasing movable or immovable properties.

Emirates ID can be applied for after getting the UAE residence visa and our team assists you in it’s application and documentation.


Payment Gateway Registration

 For companies accepting online payments, payment gateway registration is mandatory under the local laws. This further secures your business dealings and enable complete authenticity to your business enterprise.

It is good option to opt for this registration even if the frequency of online transactions is low, as it allows smooth handling of all future business transactions.


Managerial Services

You can choose from the various packages available with us for Corporate handling and Managerial Services. These services act as valuable support for the clients not opting to reside in the UAE after the entity incorporation.

We assign part-time Managers for mail handling and  forwarding, document delivery and submissions, as required, in cases where it is not possible for the client to be physically present for the usual paper work and an employee is yet to be appointed by the company for the same.


Corporate Stamp & Stationary Designing

Once your business starts operating in UAE, there is constant need for basic stationary including letter heads, visiting cards, company stamp, company, envelopes and many such sundries.

We do understand your busy schedule and that the whole designing process can take time and energy which may cause some burden to you and we are here to take care of this too. Just contact us for these services and our team will get back to you with apt assistance.


UAE Driving License & other licenses

UAE has a robust public transport system and is considered among the most safe and modern public transport systems in the world. But once you start operating your business, you may feel the need for  car and then you need a valid UAE driving license.

Further, its  a part of UAE culture to get one with the nature and due to presence of exotic and serene beaches and sea cost, people indulge in activities like fishing, boating, kayaking, etc.

We have a team to guide you through all the processes required for various license application.


How we ensure the best Company Setup for you

Assisting in both Free Zone & Mainland Company setup along with Corporate Bank Account Assistance


Before the business planning begins, you need to visit the country to assess the future capabilities and we organize for you a pre-setup tour


Choosing the best option available for your company operations and getting all the paperwork done to ease up the licensing process

Set Up & Licensing

With our expert team on your side, setting up your company office is fast and hassle free ensuring the best experience

Post Setup Care

Only company providing support for post setup operations of a company. From exploring the real estate to local licenses

Complete Support

Working with us means entitlement to support and expert assistance at every step which is viable for successful operations of your entity

Getting Started in just One…Two…Three

Experience the comfort in initiating the business from the beginning itself with an exceptionally simple business setup process

Choose your Package

With the assistance from our executives, you can choose your desired license type and the add on facilities and visas

Submit Documents

Our executives will ensure that all the forms are properly filled and the submission is done without any hassles

get Your License

Receive your License along with registration documents so that you can initiate your business transactions

F.A.Q.s [Frequently Asked Questions]

Is opening an office in UAE, really so easy?

Opening up any overseas venture involves local knowledge, some mindful paperwork and, of course, knowledge of international laws. But we make that easy for you by providing the best available options that are most suitable to your requirements.

Our team has an extensive experience in this particular field. All the details are provided to you in advance thus to avoid any ‘last minute surprises’.

We provide you with a pre  setup tour for better assessment of the place and the business atmosphere.

Once finalized, all the papers are thoroughly checked so that there are no further delays in the license approval.

All in all, we aim to make this critical experience as the most comfortable experience for you.

Who can open a company in UAE?

With the list of amazing options that we offer, almost anyone can open a company with us, without any hassles.

Unlike others, we ensure that you get 100% ownership of your company without any need of local sponser. So, everything is under your control.

The paperwork is completed by our team and our executives will help you out in the submission process too. The submission process is fast and reliable.

Apart from manufacturing and general trading licenses, we offer licenses for educational, consultancy, and professional companies. We also have Freelancer license available for professionals.

As for the number of shareholders, it can range from 02-50 shareholders for a company. Once the license has been issued, the client can apply for residence visa for the owners as well as the managers or staff, as per requirement. Even the dependent family members are eligible for residence visas.

Regarding the documents required for opening up the company, some basic paperwork is required, which our team will assist you with. And the benefits for opening up a company in UAE are unlimited.

How much time does it take to start a company in UAE?

The setup process with us is superfast. We call it a 1…2…3… process. Just select the license option that suits you, do the paperwork submission and receive your license. Everything is completed in 5-7 working days.

This process is exceptionally fast and efficient ,and completely safe. We do understand the value of time and we do ensure that none of is intentionally wasted duirng the whole process.

How much does it cost to open a foreign company?

The major cost involved in foreign entity formation is the license fees which starts from 5750 AED per year for an only-license-no-visa company. Other costs are subjective to your entity type, business & visa requirements.

There are 3 YEAR & 5 YEAR license options available with us that offer huge savings and discounts. Along with that, do ask for any seasonal promotional offers that may be going on.

12 YEAR Business License & Residence Visa: Additionally, long term options are also available where you get a 12 YEAR business license with residence visas. Yes, this option is available with us, and it can be availed subject to certain simple conditions.

Virtual Address: If you are looking for something with a lower budget, you can choose the option of a Virtual Address for your company along with mail handling and a local contact number.

Our team will provide you with an estimate of the total cost and everything is made transparent to ease you in your budget planning.

If you are looking for Real Estate opportunity along with the business license, we have EMI as well as loans available for foreign investors.

What option do I have if I don't want to spend on business license?

We do understand that COVID 19 has affected every business and there is a possibiility that you do not intend to spend on a business license right now and want to take it up as an option in the future.

You can choose that basic Start-up option, where you get to list your business in UAE with your own address. Mails can be received and sent from that address on your behalf. The best part is that these options start from as low as 249 AED per month only.

Do contact us for details.

Do I need to visit UAE to open a company there?

No, it’s not manadatory to visit UAE to open up a company there. However, we do advise our client to plan a visit there to get the knowledge regarding the local ambience and friendly corporate culture, but for initial set up, personal visit is not required.

We may need some documents to be signed but they can be delivered through mail or through a representative.

Can I get Residence visa for my family along woth the license

Of course, you can get residence visa for your family with the business visa that you get with your license. Each investor or business visa holder is entitled to get residence visa for their family stamped. Family includes spouse, children and parents too.

The duration of these visas is same as the duration of your business license, so if you opt for long term plans of business license then you are saved form annual renewals fo visas. The relevant charges for the same can be confirmed wih our team.

Do I need to stay in UAE to operate my company?

No, it is not mandatory to stay in UAE to operate your company. Infact, it can easily be managed from your home country as there are no legal formalities or audits that need to be carried out.

Also, our POST SET UP services can be opted where we help you out with any local paperwork that may be needed. Once authorized by your side, a local manager will be assigned to deal with any official chores that may need to be completed or adhered to.

Do I need to hire a local staff for handling business operations?

No, it is not mandatory to hire any local staff for your company operations. The labor laws in the UAE are corporate friendly and do not obligate any such restrictions on staff hiring. 

You are free to hire employees of your choice or even bring your existing employees on employment visa and operate your new venture with ease.

Further, if you need any assistance in hiring the local staff, you can contact the relationship manager assigned to you from our side and he/she will assist you with the same.

How do we assist you after the company formation process is complete?

Post setup support, in our view, is the most important part of this setup process. It starts where most of the companies think their job is over.

Opening up a new office is just the starting point for any office. The challenges come after that. You are working on a foreign soil with the main focus on business development so our post setup services are available in both cases whether you opt to reside in UAE or not.

If you opt for residence visa, our executives will support you in getting to know the local culture, obtaining local licenses and markets and making your stay, a pleasant experience. We do offer expertise in real estate for both purchase as well as rentals for you family and staff, if required.

If you opt to stay in your home country, we have available with us  managerial services where the basic services like submission of documents, maintenance of records, maintenance, etc for your ease. It removes the need to employ local staff and reduce your business expenditure.

We provide assistance to you always, with a smile.

How will a new office in UAE, help my present business setup?

The business environment today is more volatile than it ever was. You can’t depend on a single location to cater your business.

An overseas setup ensures a GLOBAL image for your business. Unlike other options, it’s not just an image makeover but we are talking about real business.

We are offering you a business environment where every effort is being made by the local government to ease up the business running process. The local corporate laws are more favorable than most countries.

Zero Personal & Corporate Tax, is another addition to this comfort. Add to that, we don’t compel you for detailed business reports and account audits like most countries.

We want you to grow your business and explore the international markets in a completely professional way. You focus on your business and we focus on providing you management support.

Join the league of the biggest conglomerates of the corporate world…

What Our Guests are Saying

On behalf of our company, we would like to thank for their tremendous support and guidance in setting up our new office in UAE. Our past experiences weren’t great and we were a bit deterrent, but the experience with was beyond wonderful. The executives were helpful and the whole process was done in no time.

Would definitely opt for their services for our next setup also.


—- Jacob Dean

Would like to thank for everything they did to make it happen. I’m a freelancer so I didn’t even know how much an overseas setup could add value to my profile. After my first visit to UAE arranged by the decision of saying ‘Yes’ was almost instant. The paperwork was completed in no time and I got all the clearances and my business license the very same week.

Even after this they helped me to get the local driving license and also helped in choosing the good apartment for my family. Don’t know any other company that would do all this.

A friend told me that most companies would be out of touch once the setup is complete but not these GUYS.

Definitely 5 out of 5 for your incredible support.


—-  Andre Brenden Mae

It was our first overseas office and we were completely out of place. So many things were going on. Nothing was easy till we found Awesome knowledge of local laws and exceptionally polite attitude won our hearts in the first meeting.

I’m not much into writing long reviews but this company deserves every bit of it and much more.

The after setup management service is another positive because you don’t feel left out in a new place.

Ask them anything and they will go out of the way to support.


—- Sunita Claire

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