Executive Office


More Space for YOUR Team


Private Space

An upgrade from the standard  space, this option offers you a private lockable space. These units are located within the Free Zone Area. With No Sharing, you get an independent space to initiate your new venture.

24/7 availability

This office space is available to you round the clock, where you can station your staff in multiple shifts, if required. No fixed hours, no fixed plans, it’s your office space rented to you, for the specified duration.

Engage Your Team

These spaces are larger in size than Standard Office spaces, enough to accommodate 3-6 staff members. You can design and furnish these spaces, as per your requirements. Just throttle ahead in full speed.

  why executive office space for your new venture?

A workspace for Your Team to work without a worry

Initiating a new overseas office has it’s own set of challenges and one of them is what sort of Office setup would suit your business type. Choosing an office set up along with your license is an essence of your initial business profile.

It depends on multiple factors like;

  • number of staff that you intend to hire,
  • whether the staff would be part time or full time,
  • do you expect to receive your clients to physically visit you at your place of business,
  • your business type and finally, how much funds do you to plan to allocate to the office premises set up.

So, you will be having a small team o handle your overseas venture, initially? No problem, our Executive office spaces are just the thing for you. Hire local staff or bring your own professionals, the choice is up to you.

These are completely lockable spaces, with complete control in your hand to design and furnish. Sufficient to accommodate 3-4 desk spaces, you don’t need to look any further.

There are many reasons to opt for this option but we will highlight a few for you.

First, you are planning to hire some permanent employees or yourself will be staying to set up the business. So, you will be needing a permanent space to make things happen.

Second, a Executive Office Space is YOUR SPACE. An independent lockable unit which can be designed  and furnished in accordance with your style. You don’t need to opt in for any monthly plans and no need to worry about any limited hours. So, work when you  want to work and maintain your privacy.

Third, you get to use the residence visa that accompanies your entity license. Visa can also be applied for your dependent family members, as well as company employees. For details in this regard, do feel free to contact our expert team or just fill in your details and our executives will connect with you for the same.

Still thinking…. we even offer managerial services for handling your basic office chores and our team can also assist you in hiring local staff.

All this at a GREAT price. you can’t say no now…

Innovative Licenses customized to Your business

An Executive Office Space is one great option for you. And, there are a number of licenses with which you may opt for this space. We continuously discuss about contacting our experts team and discussing the same as there are many important decisions with which we can help you out with.

Never shy away from a healthy discussion…

Commercial License

More Info

A Commercial License enables you to operate commercial business activities in certain products. These activities can be carried out in both Free and Non Free Zones.

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General Trading License

More Info

The General Trading license works great if your area of operations in outside the United Arab Emirates or the Free Zone Areas only. With this license, you can indulge in general trading activities of the allowed list of products.

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Services License

More Info

If you part of the Services industry, then you can opt for this license and initiate your new venture with ease.  A number of activities can be performed in this license and the details for the same can be obtained from our executives.

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Professional License

More Info

For professionals looking for an oveerseas set up, have an amazing opportunity where they can also opt for a Flexi Desk. Your Office, Your Timing and Your Terms.

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Available 'round the Clock

These Office spaces are available round the clock to suit your working hours and your client’s country timings.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With dedicated meeting rooms, cafe, reception, dormitories, open sitting areas and hi-speed internet access, you can’t ask for more.

Free Consultations

For any queries that may come up in your mind regarding this option, you can always discuss with our experts.

Success comes to those to take the right decisions at the right time

This is the best time to initiate your overseas venture


What Our Guests are Saying

On behalf of our company, we would like to thank bestUAEcompany.com for their tremendous support and guidance in setting up our new office in UAE. Our past experiences weren’t great and we were a bit deterrent, but the experience with bestUAEcompany.com was beyond wonderful. The executives were helpful and the whole process was done in no time.

Would definitely opt for their services for our next setup also.


—- Jacob Dean

Would like to thank bestUAEcompany.com for everything they did to make it happen. I’m a freelancer so I didn’t even know how much an overseas setup could add value to my profile. After my first visit to UAE arranged by bestUAEcompany.com the decision of saying ‘Yes’ was almost instant. The paperwork was completed in no time and I got all the clearances and my business license the very same week.

Even after this they helped me to get the local driving license and also helped in choosing the good apartment for my family. Don’t know any other company that would do all this.

A friend told me that most companies would be out of touch once the setup is complete but not these GUYS.

Definitely 5 out of 5 for your incredible support.


—-  Andre Brenden Mae

It was our first overseas office and we were completely out of place. So many things were going on. Nothing was easy till we found bestUAEcompany.com. Awesome knowledge of local laws and exceptionally polite attitude won our hearts in the first meeting.

I’m not much into writing long reviews but this company deserves every bit of it and much more.

The after setup management service is another positive because you don’t feel left out in a new place.

Ask them anything and they will go out of the way to support.


—- Sunita Claire

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