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Add-on services include services required along with the business license, like a flexi desk, standard office, executive office, a warehouse, an industrial land, accommodation for your staff and labor and other similar requirements


Best Options loaded with all facilities

Choose the space which suits your business model or contact our team to get the best details


Available with most licenses, it is a co-working space to suit start ups eliminating the need to open and maintain private office spaces. These spaces come with modern interiors and all the auxiliary office facilities like hi-speed internet connection, meeting rooms, reception, cafe, etc. Weekly, Monthly or Yearly plans can be opted depending on he frequency of your usage and your business model.


Serviced Office spaces are available with many license options. Unlike Flexi desk, these are private lockable spaces with all the added facilities of maintenance free office space. You get exclusive acccess to hi-speed internet connections, meeting rooms, cafe and other modern amenities available in the business center. Completely furnished and private, these are opted by like minded companies.


Many companies, initially do not look for a serviced office space, rather, opting for a standard unfurnished unit may be the idea that suits their style. These spaces are private lockable units located in the office building. As these spaces are unfurnished, so you can design these spaces with your own business theme. Only one time payment is required upto the duration of your business license.


Planing a bigger team to manage your new venture, then executive office is exactly what suits your requirement. These are large office spaces and can accompany 5-8 work stations and a staff of upto 10 people. These spaces are unfurinshed and give you a chance to employ your company theme and manage the space as per your need. No monthly maintenance charges to be paid except consumables.


A favorite for MNCs and large organizations, sheel and core spaces are a section of the complete floor alocated to your business operation. These are air-conditioned large spaces to accommodate 10-50 staff member or even more subject to your space management and designing. Only one time rent is payable at the time of paying for the license fees. Completely secured with all additional facilites.


Warehouse opitons are available for all license types. These are located in developed areas located near ports for consignment handling and other logistics. The minimum area starts from 100m² and can be increased as per your business and product requirement. These warehouses have a heat insulated roof and doors and can also be modified. Each warehouse has an attached office space.


Looking forward to set up your industry or production facility with us. Industrial land options are the best choice. The area of these plots start from 2500m² and can be increased upto your reuirement. Located on developed piece of land with well structured roads and tele-communication facilities, these areas are close to ports to ease in logistics and consignment handling with full security.


Our perception of providing service has always been supportive to all business requests and that includes accommodation for your office staff as well labor. These accommodations are located within close proximity to the commercial and industrila area to reduce the travelling time and cost. Further, these spaces come with basic furnishings and facilities to ease up settlement  of your staff and labor.

Why opt for these facilities

Price savings & cost effectiveness

Close proximity to air and sea ports

safe & secured spaces for your business

Complete access to world class facilities

loaded with high speed internet access

best logistics at your service

A CORPORATE favorite

Trusted by the Best Businesses Around the Globe

How to choose which facility would suit best to your business

Actual place of business operations

United Arab Emirates is one of the countries providing fastest compnay formation processes which hardly takes 3-6 working days. At the same time, UAE is ranked as the top destination for doing business due to corporate friendly environment, Zero taxation policies and the security of business operations.

Once you finalize the decision on the type of license that you want for your new venture, the next thing to be decided is the facility that you may want to opt for along with the business license.

For start-ups, its better to opt for Flexi desk as maintenance on an individual office would not be feasible or required. You get weekly hours plans and you can focus directly on expanding your business.

For business that aim to employ 2 or more staff but o not intend to stay permanently in UAE, a Serviced office space is a good option as all the maintenance needs of the office are taken care of and you get hi-speed internet connections, meeting rooms, cafe, etc to ease up your business functioning.

If you intend to opt for a personal space, and do not want to opt for maintenance charges for a Serviced office space, then, Standard office space would be the best option for your business. These are lockable units at your service and comparatively cheaper option than a Serviced office space.

The next option is the Executive office space which is best when you intend to take aboard a complete team for your new venture. The space size is larger in comparision with a Standard office. Again, these are lockable units similar to Standard office.

Next in line are the Shell & Core office spaces. It is best suitable for large organizations, as a part of a floor in the corporate building is assigned to your disposal. Complete designing can be taken up as per your company logo and theme or your product theme.

If you need a larger space not necessarily in the corporate tower, may be for storage of goods or the space is basic requirement of your product, then we advise to opt for a Warehouse. Complete with an attached office, heat insulated roof and doors, these warehouses can be opted with any license. The minimum area that can be taken is 100m² and larger sizes can be opted as per your request.

Industrial land, as the name suggests, is opted with Industrial license with a minimum area being 2500m².

Lastly, staff and labor accommodation are available as completely structured and semi-furnished units to accommodate your staff and labor residences. Located close to both industrial area as well malls for ease in living as well as to reduce the time spent in reaching out the warehouses or industrial areas. Opting for these lead to both savings in time and costs for your new venture.

What is worth mentioning here, that the warehouses, industrial land and staff accommodations are provided in developed areas with all modern facilities like telecommunication facilities, roads, lightings and other such infrastructure as may be necessary for the easy functioning of a new business.

Still, for any queries that you may have, we welcome you to contact our team by filling up the contact form or calling us, and our team will be eager to resolve all your queries.

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